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For a Modest fee, memorial services are available in our chapel prior the cremation.  This is a recommended alternative to a formal wake or service at your funeral home or place of worship.

Our beautiful chapel provides a serene and solemn place for a service or simply a calm place for your family to gather before the cremation.


Inside you can find beautiful marble details, and stained glass windows. Since it is non denominational, we can accommodate a variety of services including Christian, Buddhist, and Hindu services. We have a special viewing room were families may participate.


With our 125 years of experience we understand your religious needs, and can accommodate you. Call us to make any specific requests.



Mother's and Father's Day Service

Fathersday service

Tours Available

Tour our historic columbarium with it’s Tiffany stained glass windows and neo classical architecture.

...available to groups and individuals upon request.

Since 1884 we have earned your trust!