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Fresh Pond Crematory - Cremation Services and Urn Sales


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A Columbarium is a public storage of cinerary urns holding cremated remains. It consists of many niches, or recessed compartments designed to hold urns. These niches are enclosed and protected by secured glass doors.

The word Columbarium originated from the Latin word columba meaning dove. The doves make their nests in niches and there for a Columbarium is a building that contains Niches. This is referring to a compartmental housing for doves or dovecote.

The columbarium is not a modern invention. In fact it was very common in the ancient Roman Empire where cremation was normal practice. Between 1400BC and 200AD cremation was the preferred method among Roman aristocrats. In the Greek mythology it was said that the Greek Gods gained there ascension to their godly powers through the flames of cremation.

The Columbarium at Fresh Pond follows in this time honored method of memorializing the cremated remains. We offer a beautiful setting, solemn, secure and comfortable atmosphere to visit your loved ones.

The traditional dÈcor and upscale surroundings of the columbarium offer a wonderful alternative to burial. The Columbarium at Fresh Pond is adorned in marble, brass, Tiffany "style" Stained Glass Windows and Skylights.

The Columbarium is open to the public for daily visitors where there is an atmosphere of privacy and security. Closed Circuit Cameras provide security on all doors where visitors are observed and buzzed in. The monitored system enables families to have peace of mind, knowing that their loved ones are safe and secure and they can pay their respects in a peaceful tranquility.

As a not for profit Cemetery Corp of the State of New York, the Columbarium has a permanent maintenance fund that will ensure the upkeep of the facility. The funding is generated through the niche sales and the generous tax deductible donations from Niche owners. Ask about our Memorial Gift Program to donate in the memory of a loved one.


Mother's and Father's Day Service

Fathersday service

Tours Available

Tour our historic columbarium with it’s Tiffany stained glass windows and neo classical architecture.

...available to groups and individuals upon request.

Since 1884 we have earned your trust!

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